Sunday, November 15, 2009

Racial Slurs Spray Painted on Confederate Monument

Channel 6 News WJBF-TV

Augusta, GA—The vandalism happened after dark, Sunday night, and based on the job, it looks like whoever is responsible had some time to finish their work. Spray painted on the Confederate monument in downtown Augusta was “Black power,“ “Cracker killers,“ and “I hate whites.“

Crews got most of the paint off, early Monday morning. They used expensive, heavy-duty graffiti remover on the tough stuff.

People we talked to say it’s disappointing to see this in 2009, but not everyone is totally surprised by it, either.

“It’s sad that it’s happening and that people are taking the time to vandalize buildings instead of encouraging one another. We’re here to encourage one another and build each other up, not tear each other down,“ says Hegar Moody, of Aiken, SC.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office investigators were checking with local businesses, Monday, to see if any cameras caught the vandals in action. So far, there’s no word on any suspects.

Defacing a public monument is a felony, and if caught, the vandals could serve up to five years in jail.

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